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I don't want you anymore!
Even if someone try to explain me or convince me that,
I deserve special things like you,
Because, when I take a closer look,
I start troubling my own self
Crazily and madly even if
There is something like sunshine, yet to enter once in a while,
Heartfullness, satisfaction and happiness don't last long
And it's not absolutely true that
It's all in my heart, in my mind and in my poems
Joys, fears, Expectations and hope can be attained
But only if one's heart is filled with selfless love!
It's not true that whole hearted love exist
I'm pretty sure and agree with that
The reality
Imagines and creates
The thoughts, emotions and scribblings like this lines,
But it's all beyond my power and control
And even in future anyone will never ever hear me say,
I can't leave you anymore!!

Read the poem from down to top to know other sides of my feelings
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very well expressed...
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Tq Bhaiyya :)
commented by
superb .. liked it entirely :)
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Thanks a lot Mr. Viro :)
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Emotional poem............
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Thank you :)
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awesome Pranayee :)
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Thank you Priya Di

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