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I'm like water,
I can adjust with any container,
 move on with any situation.
I'm like sunshine,
Just like it can enter only through an open window,
I can enter through open mind and heart.
I'm like stone,
The more you'll try to hurt me,
The more you'll hurt yourself!!
I'm like air,
I think of you every person in my life,
But they realize that I exist only by my presence.
I'm like flower,
Radiating the fragrance of happiness crazily,
If you suppose it as madness, that says your mind!
I am like a book,
Easy for anyone to read,
But understanding, only few can do!
I am like a mirror,
How you are before me,
Is what you can expect from me!
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beautifully written.. :)
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Thank you so much :)
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OMG..........tooo good :)
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Thanks Ma'am :)

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