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Reborn for a Cause

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shared Apr 17 in Poem by saurabhpant94
They who drove saturn out without diversion,
Their carasmatic wind bring back the aura with in,
Easter is the trace of reliving aura around,
Someone has reborn for a cause to have goodwill of wishing to win.

They who fear no one in particular,
Their carasmatic aura shine around,
Eastern is the remark of returning to earth,
Someone has to reborn for a cause to prove those faith's ground.

Dread circle hopes today,
They want to recapture moments of grace,
Despair circles pleasance today,
They want to rememorise standards of true face.
Call of remark hungry to wait for that might,
The traces of glory might shine once more,
Eastern is the remark of celebrating the revival,
Someone has reborn for cause to prove the world once more.

Destruction circles peace today,
They want to destruct such stains with cause,
Burns circles glory of fame today,
They want to revive aura of flaming gains at all cause.
Call of Phoenyx once more emerge from the flames,
True wishes burn in light of glory once more,
Easter is the mark of celebrating spectacular dancing flames,
Someone has to reborn for a cause to iminate cause of life once more...
commented Apr 27 by thegurjyot
very nice brother...

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