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Thread of trust

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shared Apr 17 in Poem by saurabhpant94
The sentiment that collected hundred hearts,
That impact made a cause to celebrate ages ago,
Eastern brings back joy of rebirth of Lord Christ,
The thread of trust streches to more people than it happened ages ago.

The remark that polished courage of a dominion,
That magic spread to countless lives ages ago,
Easter brings back the joy of rebirth of Lord Christ,
The threat of trust continue to spread for the cause it happened ages ago.

Glow clusters the faces of those who have bond of expectations,
Their livid glory expresses all the wounds and recarcination,
The transes have never been replaced with synonyms though,
How it all happened is always told around Easter for one more celebration.
The representatives of true and folly gather around,
Their manace and taste holding thread together,
Easter is the trade mark to bring back Lord's Christ renown,
The threat of trust stand still holding all in one feather.

Blow explores what happened to gain the reality,
Those who feel rebirth have always thought it to be holy,
The transes are yet to surmise actual repurcussions,
The nailed Christ body had still the fate to return to the real talley.
The representatives of burdon and cheers circle around,
The trinity bargains the globe's thread together,
Easter is the trade mark of Lord Christ's rebirth,
The thread of trust gains the confidence of centuries altogether...

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