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Love is everywhere

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shared Apr 20 in Poem by Viro
It's really exciting,

How two strangers fall for each other.

How they develop a liking,

For each other that is far from over.

It's really exciting,

How the whole world changes.

How despite fighting,

Always their for each other's defense.

It's really exciting,

To see them getting married.

Without even realizing,

They follow the trend.
commented Apr 21 by Ritika gusaiwal
so sweet
loving touching....
this feeling is amazing....
commented Apr 21 by Tushar
it`s really a sweet poem:)
very nice (y)
commented Apr 21 by Viro
Thank u dear Ritz :)
commented Apr 21 by Viro
Thank you Tushar bhai :)
commented May 15 by Jacqueline Lobo
That's life :)
commented May 15 by Viro
yes indeed :)

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