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Unborn poetry
Hello !my words,
The sleeping remedy.
You outshine in my heart ,
It's doesn't matter even I didn't give you birth.
Out of fear that the world might not bear you for the truth you bear.
So sorry ,but cleary you are so rainfully.
See my barren land.
Waiting for clouds.
I have done much!
So magical your words are!
Theres such a million miles difference .
So sorry for everything I have done.
But I m obsessed with every single sigh!
Hush!! It's so typical for me to hide you!.
But I shall make you appear on paper of realities
With ink of revolution
So that you could give birth to new changes.
So that you wouldn`t be called sterile.
Time ,,,you heal me.
Era you free me...
And contemporary age you judge me more ..
To make me pure ,
To make me sure ,
To beat the core.
Your welcome my new poetry!!!
~kavita verma~
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very nice :) :) :)
Kavita :)
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lovely... good job dear :)
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just amazing...
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ThAnk you everyone!!!
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