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The first touch I sensed,

And felt the meaning of love,

In your womb, I sensed

Your mystic pure connect,

I was naïve to understand,

 Any reason or any season,

But through your heartbeats

I felt each and every emotion,

Your blood flowed through

My veins, I felt your pain,

Your breath filled my lungs,

I recited lullaby’s you sung.

What can I give you,

 After so many years of life,

I cannot repay you with

Whole of eternal divine,

Title’s cannot describe your

Part in my life,

Mother let me call you,

My soul’s pride


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very well penned...
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A brilliant one :)
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Thank u so much friends
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I love your last line............My soul's pride :)
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Thank u , I only wrote what i feel
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Congratulations :) :) : ):)
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Thank u so much all of you.......... feeling really thankful

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shared May 14, 2017 in Poem by Dev Dutt
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