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I woke up, hearing early morning bird's music,
And it didn't remind me of you.
I went to my garden, spoke with each and every plant,
We didn't speak about you!
I started to sing, while doing my works
and yes, I didn't remember your voice or heard it's echo through my mind,
Plenty of drawings one by one I started to draw,
But they aren't about you!
I was online in Facebook,
And yes, I didn't open your profile or gaze at your pics.
I watched the bright sky and the full moon,
And I didn't feel about you.
I'm writing this and for your kind information,
I'm not thinking of you!
With an idea of not thinking about you,
I started to think, more than I think usually! I wonder why!!
Still I'm not thinking about you!
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I can feel the hurt and pain............am I right ? Written well :)
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just amazing... very nice...
commented by
Thanks Ma'am
That's not exactly pain... But kind of feeling low... But that's OK!
Thanks for reading my poem and feeling it too :)
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Thanks Bhaiyya :)

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