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And there she realised, it was so new.
The fragrance, the sunshine.
They all seemed so afresh.
There were smiles all over.
Every face twinkling with a sparkle.
Every head swaying, every chirp being so meaningful.
The birds seemed so many in number and flew everywhere.
On all trees, all rocks.
The lazy dog ran across the moor, twirling its tail in infinite circles.
Happiness was not just in air, it was in souls.
Every breath felt it, every moment spelt it.
Life can be so magical.
But the best spell is one that yearns to stop.
Frozen in seconds, in gaiety, in love.
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this is so wonderful..
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superb Imran....very well penned
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Wonderful poem
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Thanks Mari, Priya, Jacqueline and Kalpana for your kind words and appreciation :)

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shared Jul 7, 2017 in Poem by sonnyramelan
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