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Doom glimpse the  coming footsteps,
Rising h atred identifies the tunnels in sight,
Traveling hunger ready to strike once more,
Roars of Sorrow ready to stand over families with might.

Gruel accepts the rising hands,
Their guns pointing towards those unmasked innocent,
The terror arises in a public place from nowhere,
Roars of Sorrow billowing to kill with no trace of humanitys' statement.

Dead may count what they might have been,
How lucky they were to visit such pilgrim spot,
They sacrificed in the name of Lord Om,
Roars of sorrow was ready to strike with firing spots.

Survivers may thank the lord for the goodness,
How lucky they were not be shot dead at the place,
Investigations may point countless errors for security,
Roars of Sorrow must be replied with it's own destruction's thread by it's virtual face...
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very well expressed bro...
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well penned piece....
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Thanks gurjyot and priya

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