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Kuch khaas hai aaj ka din,

Khushiyan aayi thi meri zindagi me iss din.

Galti hamari thi jo tujhe humne khodiya,

Na jaane kyon uss waqt hamare dil ne ye dokha kardiya.

Jaante hai kabhi maaf nahi karega humko wo khuda bhi,

Kyunki humne to usse khodiya jisne dekha tha khuda hum me kabhi….

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bhut hi pyari hai dii
deep intense love....
after a so long time
commented by
Thanks Ritz....
commented by
be regular dii yaal...miss u ) :)
commented by
ok ji....miss you too Ritz
commented by
very well written... :)
commented by
Thank you Gurjyot :)

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