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Beyond a lawn lived a young man with no smiles on his face. His face looks rough as carved from stones and he seems to be on verge of tear every moment but time and pain has scratched those old notion away from him and now he is better to deal with the conditions.
There were times when his father would taunt and he would burst crying or turn into fits; There were times when his mother would threat lifetime sorrows and he would turn his face away with wet eyes or there were times when people can make him laugh with a piece of chocolate or with a glass of cold drink, But all seems gone now.
What he feels is hardly to realise. The responsibility of unknown and his self-belief that he is able to do what he is demanded help him keep moving. The ancient face seems to shine harder and he continue to present those sour laugh to all who met. They couldn't stop saying that he has changed or he is not what he used to be. It hardly matters for this young lad who has witnessed a lot and he is still to face more challenges in his life ahead.
it is not about the people who cared or those who lost in the period of time. There is hardly a coin to spin back the way his life used to be and his most loved person is mother of few children and a wife of someone to whom she is responsible and hardly recognise this young lad to whom she demanded a lot also. There is no way to hide from himself and he can't lie to his own soul that he has no moment of joy; Even in his best of achievements, he is empty and those threats of ending himself would never fear him in the coming future. The only thing that he has learnt is to make false laugh an he used it for lifetime situations, finding it much like his natural bark like laugh. If anybody can't be treated in the way he was then every hope seems to fly away.
The computer in which those negative thoughts were typed frowns a little and then suddenly turned off without any sound or error command. The lad felt that he has failed to prove again and he proceeds for a small nap which he requires to be the must that shall surely help him recover the things he was trying to type and the stress he had with feelings rising so fast inside his heart...
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Very well written and composed

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