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Believe in yourself, for you are the greatest assest;

Believe in yourself and you know you are no less than the rest.

Believe in yourself,for you only know what you are and you can be;

Believe in yourself,coz you have to render time for thee.

Believe in yourself,as you are aware that it takes time;

Believe in yourself and do whatever comes to your mind.

Believe in yourself and exercise your brain;

Believe in yourself and never let your doings go in vain.

Believe in yourself and show your vigour;

Believe in yourself and let it pour.

Believe in yourself and never be cold;

Believe in yourself and go win the world...
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Loved the poem..!!!
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nice  post....
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beautifully written...
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Thank you all... ☺
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Poem full of hope :)

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