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I stand in front of mirror

far from the smells of each imposed thought

i stand far from the sights of other beings

far from all the internal battles in fought

I look deep to my reflection

and can see a little girl running in rains

giggling and singing, fearless and bold

holding the paper boat and jumpin in the lanes

She reached the point where water is flowing fast

and decided to let her paper ship start voyage

let her ship fights the odds of rain and winds

and then she saw another child of her own age

he was wearing shabby clothes with a broken footwear

and his eyes were on that paper boat

the girl realized and asked him to join

together they sailed it, together  they witnessed it float

I can now see that girl running in the lanes of time

from childgood to the yourng age

from open thoguths to golden cage

i can see her smiling, yet missing is that fearless rhyme

i see in reflection, she is dancing

in dance she is expressing herself

that lost child found a way

a beautiful flow to express, yet no word to say

I can see her visiting new place in course of life

observing irs ideologies and its fragrance

I can see her reading poetry and smiling

contemplating on life, its meaning and real sense

I can see my true self in the mirror

intangile to the world, who doesn't walk all the hard miles

the true me who is still a child running freely in the lanes

who runs and holds the life, who smiles and spread smiles
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It’s amazing!!! Well penned..
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superb one....
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thanks :)
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just amazing, liked it... :)
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thanks a lot :)

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