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Cunning chiefs face a challenge to rise,
Soviets and Americans would be first time banging around borders,
How they may forward the issues to their generations above,
All the pain and disgust will continue in future across borders.

Smart minds face a quest to rise,
Soviets and American start to long pressure along borders,
How the world may react in future will be a question of degree,
All the challenge will rise to the hilt in time across borders.

A hard time may progress challenging economic ties,
Range of issues across borders counterfeits the will not known,
Russians and Americans stand face to face in the first economic row,
They will prize disgust in the contemporary world still not known.

A conquest to have world beneath the feet is the mission,
Change of force across borders may not decrees the fear around,
The trances of Russians and Americans will force their generations to fear each other,
Hopes and grief shall all contradict the world in its future around...

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