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Developing on stages of unknown silence,
Stalinist Russia had better opportunities than opposition's haunting stair,
No chance of hoping the benefits back to US thence,
They all find it difficult to reject the policy in form of betrayal.

Prospering on the standards of their own stature,
Stalinist Russia had better means of economy to cheer,
No worries for the US as they face new challenges of their own conspiracies,
They find it hard to reject the achievement as a betrayal.

Industries might have found their ways later in Russia,
Their unity form a better syndrome even in the weaker sections along,
Betrayal is the thought which will haunt the world in future times,
At those moments, US only fear the new challenge to long.

Beneficiaries might have found their accuracy later in Russia,
Their prosperity witness the jubilation becoming strong,
Betrayal is the word American can use to stop them progressing ahead,
In those moments of success, Russian can at least breathe with pride and bong...

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