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When I close my eyes, I always see you
All the memories of us and what we've been through
Things didn't change since you left me feeling blue
I was left in the dark without even a little clue

I can still smell the scent of your promise in my mind
Seeing your face again, my heart becomes blind
Your beautiful eyes and smile that was so kind
That day I asked, "Why did you leave me behind?"

My heart becomes empty and I'm seeking for the answer
Yet the silence is persistent when we were together
As if nothing is wrong and it doesn't matter
I was lost in the dim and felt like a stranger

When I hear your sweet voice, I am at ease
But why am I saying these? Can you tell me, please
You said you love me, I felt so blessed
But it's only as a friend, oh why my dearest?

Yet, why are you still always in my mind?
After when you found your 'the one' then left me behind
Then you said that I must go and find my own way
So now, I'm letting you go for your happiness' key.
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Excellent words ..from start to end its amazing..do make a correction ...iwhy did u leave me behind instead live..
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Thank you so much. Thanks for the edit.
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Welcome..do  u know what I m thinking..Kaash yeh mene likhi hoti
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If you have the courage to let your love go, you can write that too :)

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