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“I wish I could I tell her”,
He uttered, as she sat right across.
With a book in her hand,
In the library, amidst the sound loss.

Words were finally exchanged.
But after the name,
His thoughts seemed to be estranged.

“Yeah, Aaron?”,
She replied, with a smile on her face.
To reply, he forgot,
In her eyes, holding a gaze.

“I want to say something”,
He snapped out of his thoughts.
But words to be said,
In his tongue, got lost.

“Would he say those words?”,
The librarian smirked and looked above.
Probably, thinking of her own story,
Of innocent love.

The librarian shouted.
Just playing around with the guy,
Probably, increasing what he already doubted.

Maybe, she was just checking,
The strength of feelings.
And how he does,
All the dealings.

Fortunately, he uttered again,
“Which book are you reading?”.
The weird question it was indeed, 
Given the expression, her face was leading.

She showed the cover,
Which read the name.
It was indeed,
A book of fame.

The librarian on this action.
On his inability,
To express his innocent abstraction.

Time passed by,
With she smitten into the book.
And he was smitten in her eyes,
Her hair, and how she looked.

“Will you go out with me?”,
He said it, finally.
Though subtle it was,
Indeed, fearfully.

She questioned back.
Surprised by the fact, 
Giving him an attack on the cardiac.

He replied, dejected.
“Yes”, she replied, shyly, 
Giving him chills, completely unexpected.

The librarian smiled,
On the courage, he has shown.
Or maybe at her own love and time,
She might have mourned.

Books and poetry.

Might have made her find love,
When none else did.
Feeling the same passion,
As she had felt when she was a kid.

When he left her,
And she had her diary alone.
Books, to give her company,
And a pen to mourn.

Wishing the best to the teens,
She moved towards the books.
Which never cared,
About the way she looked.

Her lover was long gone, 
But the memories, 
In those poetries in her diary, had stayed.
And hence, the innocent love of hers,
Was never thrown into the shade.

And never will be.

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just loved it... beautifully written...
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Thanks for stopping by :)
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Nicely composed, you are really good with your words
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Thanks a lot!!

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