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Dave is located at DAVE HANZ TATTOO SHOP 217 Gov A Pascual Buraot St. Navotas City Philippines.


And also on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/ldb.daveii


His numbers are 09327909376 or 09950082538.


Hi Dave, my name is Nick. I’m a writer from England. Other than writing I like to get tattooed and want to learn how to tattoo. I also like to network with other creative people eg tattooists and writers. This is the first interview I’ve done with a tattooist. So thanks for that bro. Here are lucky 14 questions:



What was your first experience of a tattoo? ~ Nervous and exciting when I first experience tattoo


Why did you decide to be a tattooist? ~ Because it’s my talent to be a tattoo artist


How old were you when you first started tattooing? ~ I’m also 16 coming 17yrs old


What are your main influences regarding tattoo style? ~ My friend has a tattoo artist, for that I watch her to do a tattoo


How do you describe people’s attitudes to tattoos in the Philippines? ~ The attitude of Pilipino to tattoo's are cleanliness and kind


What was your first tattoo and why? ~ My first tattoo glow in the dark playboy, skull, teddy bear, because I want this tattoo designed


Where do you get your tattoo guns and equipment? ~ To my tattoo supplier


Are you creative in other ways other than tattooing? ~ All around, electrical wiring, create tattoo equipment, carpenter, welding, mechanic and other skills


Which is your favourite style and why? ~ Portrait, realistic, realism


Is tattooing your only career in your working life? ~ Yes


Who inspires your tattoos and why? ~ My client, because my customer has trust on me to make her tattoo


Which tattoo festivals do you take part in? ~ Ligligan tattoo competition ~ Pasiguenios tattoo competition ~ Ink summer tattoo competition ~ Pintado sa tambobong tattoo competition ~ Tinta tattoo competition


Where do you see yourself five years from now? ~ Soon to be a professional tattoo artist


Where is the future of Philippine tattooing heading? ~ To Boracay and Moa I want this place, but I have a two branch of tattoo shop in Navotas city

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