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I nurse every emotion,
that I get to experience,
within the crevices,
of my broken being.

I nourish it with my benevolence,
cover it within layers of darkness,
protect it from this harsh universe,
and punish it with my insecurities.

But I always agree,
to carry the burden,
that it sometimes proves to be,
without a word of complaint,
until it is really ready.

Ready to face it's on future,
in the form of poetry,
that I then entrust pieces of paper,
to manage with mercy.
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The title captured my attention and last stanza shobhana no doubt you r a good writer but I would suggest you to try something different next time.. You r good in expressing love n broken heart thats your comfort zone but I want to see versatility in you ..I hope you would consider a different theme next time☺️☺️☺️
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Thanks a lot! Will try to explore other themes too
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well penned and it's full of emotions :)
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Thanks a lot!!!

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