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"Neither it can be denied that forests are protected nor it can be denied that they are equally destroyed by the protectors- But what is the main stay of the whole sphere that there must be the recognition of issue that is the key stage and if it is not going to happen then it can create problems and it will not only effect others but shall also damage the existence for human lifes which must be considered.
Ultimately what is the key factor to understand is that there must be a concern amongst those who celeebrate Chipko and they shouldn't stop contributing to protect trees in the way they established the beginning move so it would not only enable a revival in form of protecting trees but shall also assure that forests and their protection is made assured by the policies and patternns that should do lot of good to all of us..."-
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well written brother
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Thanks a lot. I want to bring back the commitments for which Uttarakhand is known for.

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