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Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful pebble, on the most mesmerizing beaches of all times. She was adorned with a glossy and a dazzling colorful body. The pebble loved her life, living in a corner, with her friends and her family, unnoticed by anyone. One fine day, the oceanic waves touched the pebble, saw her and madly fell in love with her exquisite beauty. The ocean would then come every day, with every wave, touch her, talk to her, go away, and come back again. The pebble fell for the ocean, for his expanse and his immense majesty.

The ocean, being colorless, suddenly envied her vivid colors and feared that someone might take her away from him. Everytime the waves came, they would take her near to the ocean, the pebble, being naive would go with the flow, she neared to the ocean with every wave. With her never-ending trust for the ocean, she was swayed into the depths of it. Alas, she couldn't swim. Still, she loved it, as she had always imagined how the infinite ocean looked from the inside. She was mesmerized to see the fishes, corals and the plants, the most picturesque scene she had ever come across in her entire life. Slowly and steadily, her journey ended, she landed on the mushy sands.

The ocean would see the pebble every day, an object of his passion, and the plants, the fishes would say to him, now you have everything you ever wished for, your desires, fulfilled.

The pebble suddenly felt lonely, she missed her family, her friends, those waves, how they would come and go, and she would wait patiently for them to come back and adorn her. She started losing her charm, her vividness, her luster everything started tarnishing and the loneliness never seemed to fade away.

The ocean never talked to her again, he would come and go, and the pebble saw no desire, her dreams dissolved somewhere in the ocean and she found no reason to live anymore.

One day, the sands engulfed the pebble, the pebble peacefully got embedded into the sands. The ocean abruptly saw something missing in its vast expanse. He realized the pebble was missing. He felt terribly sad and lonely. If he had looked into himself, he would have realized what he loved about the pebble, her freedom, her laugh, her energy, not her outside beauty. But alas, all was left was her memories, those waves, and those interrupted talks. He realized how careless he was, for he never knew, how his love had turned into the obsession.

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