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It's so silent outside and here i'm dealing with these heavy waves of the ocean at an inner corner!

It's some sort of pain in the heart that is slowly stopping the brain to work. I can listen to my heartbeat;

my brain isn't responding on how to deal with the pain and the pain is increasing at each fraction of seconds!

I look outside and it's dark! It's darker than the usual days! There is just nothing visible at all!

I can't see anything, can't hear anything! What's happening to me! Am i dieing?

Do pre-deaths feel like this?

I'm scared! Scared after a long! Usually i make myself understand the odds, i cry, i scream when alone but why I'm not doing all these now? Am i hiding from the truths!

The truth of being alone forever...forever!

The waves are now at peace, i look outside and it's not scary! I'm closing my eyes again...and I'm breathing...

It's so silent outside...

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