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Life has its own twist and turn plots, isn't it?

Someone said it so true, "Choose a hobby that pays you".

You know what; there is a million of people who work for a whole lifetime and wait for just a day at the weekend not to work and a day when salary get credited to get drunk  because they hate whatever they do!

What if you get to pay for what you do on the day at weekend? Isn't it exciting! It is, no doubt...

But the statement itself calls for the problem! Choosing is never in your hand and whatever you got in your self that doesn't take assurance to pay you!

And obviously you don't have guts and finance to leave everything and follow your dream that doesn't allow you to sleep.

Whatever you want to do is always come later of your degree... You have to get a degree and an established job and when you get enough of financial assistance of your own, you can follow that statement...

The journey is still in the midway and you are getting the puzzle, almost done; slowly! You can't afford to loose again...

...and about friends? Every little tears make you smile at its end, nah? Your journey is like the drop of tear and friends are that smile which come along at every stages with different faces and the journey goes on...

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