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The world is growing at a fast pace

people are running a bloody rat race

Glued to the monitors...

They say they are becoming modern but

they are slaves to the program.

Software programs decide the life of a person

apps decide what we do

trend decides how we look

people who never learnt about society

criticize people by their posts.

the world is getting adulterated

human intellect wasted.

its high time we change

Its high time we think.

Internet is a boon please don't turn it to curse

social media is good...but please learn to be a social human

with the social emotions to talk to a person

see his feelings, thoughts, love and hate.

Don't glue yourself to the screens

don't be a slave to the program

Don't underestimate a person

without knowing your true potential.

Its good to be important

but it is important to be good.

lead by example than searching for mistakes.

Lead the world ....into harmony

“Live for a reason

fight for a cause

live for a dream

and die with a legacy”

an unending legacy of humans

Who will be the ideal beings

who live for a reason

instead of living by the season.

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