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"True, when concerns rise to the har core insentive, There is a channel which needs to be brought into practical sense and What measures most is that habit must be developed by those who are having the pledge to protect Earth and are trying to initiate a channel that is right in it's core insentive and give a cause to live and built proper skills to save the Earth.
There are certain patterns which can disturb the cultural balance, But there must be a habbit that can bring change, An absolute sense of understanding that why to secure and in what way that protection matters most to the Humans is the feeling that comes to play- And if that feeling can be built amongst those who are able to plan things well and are able to bring positive strengththen There can be the positive sense of strategy that can come into effect and Habbit can ultimately bring change by right decision making of those who wants to protect Earth and can make sure that it's conservation is done by right measures..."-
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