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Arthur had always been an animal lover, largely dogs but also an occasional cat or two. A very special dog was a Collie named Prince who Dad loved. After that came a succession of Poodles, some German Shepherds, one of which which features on the back of the order of service and in later years he fostered cats as they were a bit easier than dogs.


After some time living alone, in the 1960s Arthur met Margaret Mook (known as Peggy) when he bought the house in which she rented a room. As in those days it was quite improper to be living in a house owned by a man, she promptly moved out. When post arrived at Arthur's house, he had to visit the sociable Peggy to deliver it and from this their friendship blossomed even though Peggy was some fifteen years younger than Arthur.


In 1963 Peggy and Arthur were married in Oldham and moved into Belgrave Road and in July 1971, having moved to Gainsborough Avenue, Nicholas was born. Unfortunately Nick cannot be here today as he is currently residing in the Philippines: he is most upset that he cannot make it, we have had a number of messages and we know that he will be thinking of Dad who he always regarded as his best mate.


Arthur always enjoyed walking on the moors of Saddleworth looking for aircraft remains, around an area known as Pots and Pans, inculcating in young Nick a love of hiking and aircraft which he has retained to this day. Dad continued to walk every day with his dog and then later by himself until unfortunately his deteriorating sight prevented his expeditions.


Dad loved to tinker with cars and scooters, including a Lambretta, a Velocette and eventually a Reliant Robin. He had spent many months restoring this and was very proud of his achievement, but then inadvertently dropped a nut in the cylinder, blowing the engine up.


In 1976 Dad retired from the Police and had a short career as a BSM driving instructor. He was too good at this as too many of his pupils passed their tests early, so it wasn’t financially lucrative. He then took a job as a hospital porter at Boundary Park, as the Royal Oldham was known at that time. He enjoyed chatting to the staff and patients as he was a very sociable man. Some years later, he returned to his former career as a driving instructor when he helped our son Philip to pass his test.


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