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Winds call the known chances to utter last hopes,
Waterfalls slide down to steep hills making those certain glories everywhere,
Those who recognise threat looming ahead don't consider these conditions,
their only word remain to be a thred of concerns everywhere.

Waves shout out to breathing winds calling last tips,
Tides request the best of lives to make sure the ultimate strategies everywhere,
Those who realise fear pressing from all sides not welcome such mentions,
their only politeness to call out the world is speaking of concerns everywhere.

They silence smaller conflicts with every might they have,
Bigger possibilities erupt with such commitments not to save,
Concerns everywhere may not be but they are created for political interests,
Those who are dominent make sure these conditions help them become heros who should save.

They consider every chance to turn into gold with the speciality they do possess,
Bigger threts rise on surface which fear even their own existence,
Concerns everywhere may not be available but they are rising very fast,
They are flavoured to the best nodes by those who only prefer dominence...

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