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"No point hiding the facts that the groups ar still hunting them down, thinning their population, or in the reference to their lesser monetary funds are avoiding any plans that could protect our beloved tigers and can help in their survival to make it become possible in a right way; It not only means the loss to the efforts which have been taking place around, but it  also shows that those who committed also had flaws which are easily coming to the ground.
Ultimately the idea to protect tigers has come bak to the shift that led it to be in the practical means which is to say that the scars all over again like situation has been risen across the countries they belong to, and their situation is being threatened more and more, they are being atacked by experts, And rest the worst is that those who pretend to protect them kill these prowling creatures for their own dynamics and dominating fun which is horrible and hence it is terrible to think such shutter but it is realistic and hence we have to think solving such errors in such international days devoted to such unique wild creatures if it really means to us by any means..."-