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It is a great day in Sveti Stefan in Montenegro for me and all the Indian visually impaired who are involved in international field to share on and I am extremely glad first of all to be part of 4th Ivanovitch poetry meet from 1st to 3rd August.
Before I share the big news I would like to express my gratitude to my parents, my author team, Nick sir and Priya madam, All my Visually impaired community mates and everyone who support strongly that makes the difference.

Now there you go with the big news of 3rd of August 2018-
The organisers of the Ivanovitch committee has decided to award the 2018 Borislav medal (Man of legacy price) to Saurabh Pant for his contribution in such a young age as author whith 32 books on his name including 1 novel, 5 Indian research works, 6 Lulu ebooks, 14 Scribd books, 4 Education books in New Zealand and 2 Education books in Ireland which include all to be 32 books in complete which is a great feeling.
And When my coach told me all about it and the fact to be coming to reality this day, I became shock with delight and joy and no worries he said to me that around it is about time indeed  that my writing has been pridely appreciated.
It was further colaborated by the organisers around the closing ceremony (that is according to Indian time around 5 Pm), They have handed over this prize that contains 1 medal of gold, 1 letter of appreciation and strong prize money around.

I have been asked by the committee members to present braille facts to performed the Borislav presentation which is the tradition to be for the person who achieves this award in which the receiver expresses the past where Sir Borislav Mendredevitch lived, how he was a man of legacy himself and how rich was his time of brilliance which can be revived in present day by rising poets.
They were kind to ask me to do it with ease and I was up for the task; made quick braille notes due to team support, checked the facts to right value and finally managed to perform on stage with 4 page braille presentation and my voice swirling around the whole coridor of the organiser's primesis.
I also mentioned in my presentation that how The connection of the award is also deeply relative whereas it explains how every time this award is given to one of the country poets who participated in the poetry meet and how it showcase the realist touch of both the meet and the pride moments.
this time It is me  for which I am thankful to the mighty lord and all of you have been great support indeed...

List of Borislav award receivers:

2012: Myneis Olgovitch, Albania, 'poet of 12 International books'
2014: Reigstler Alchmaineder, France, 'Author and poet of 23 books'
2016: Antonio Mardretch, Germany, 'Author of 18 poem collections'
2018: Saurabh Pant, India, 'Author of 32 Books'.

Once the presentation was done, I also mentioned those above listed names, how they are still valuable in present day and how they can still lead to the world with their skills for the Blind community.
Finally completing the words, I stepped forward to receive my award from the Chief leader of Montenegro and it was great feeling altogether.

There you go with the memorable achievment and I am sure that India would continue to become better and better even in the Visually impaired sector and the revival of our country goes on...
Once again a big cheerful thank you note to all of you, Stay blessed and keep your bliss to continue to help me become better...
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Congratulations bro and I hope that you keep achieving new heights...❤️

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