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I just want to say sorry to you,

Though we are not allowed to say so;

I have hurt you a lot either knowingly or unknowingly,

And I know I'm going to repeat it eventually.

But you know I can't stay without you,

I can't imagine a single day without you;

I know I'm being selfish and I'm sorry,

I'm denying your love and I'm sorry.

Friendship is all I have to offer you,

It's my strength that I've given you.

Without friendship my world is mothing,

Without you the word friendship doesn't mean anything.

I love you much more than love and I'm' sorry,

My dear best friend; my heart skipped a bit, saying Sorry...
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Nice, friendship one of the biggest and valuable gifts in life.
commented ago by
Yeah... Agreed...❤️ Ravi vashisth

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