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Igniting it by the simplest way possible,
Taring the hearts along to show a separate way,
Spark comes for the call to save the nation,
These unconvinced youths are once again to the road to pay.

Burning it above the horizon to call,
Not making it a harsh whisper going stray,
Spark is burnt like fire to take revenge for the nation,
These ruthless youths are on their path where their bones will be turned to spray.

These members have their own pats to count,
Not to mention higher ranks, salaries and account,
What spark matters for them being part of a 'nation',
After all death is the last ambition which is still on count.

These experts have their own method to train,
Our borders, areas and zones are their proving grounds,
What does spark of 'peace' means to them,
Their pray awaits as they pounce like those wild hounds...

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