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I had a course on a training program doing painting and sign writing. It was in a big building. There was a lot of us painting boards. The woman called Kath was our boss, she was nice but strict. I had a problem that ended my time there. I was offered a job at a small coach company repairing the buses. I was paid a wage and not allowance like on the training course. This was my first day and I missed a day at the training place. I'd rather work than train. After finishing at the new job I thumbed a ride in an artic unit. The driver and his mate were on their way to the depot and dropped me off. They had a powerful rig. I went in to find Kath at closing time. She was vexed. The lads were finishing off. I made my way past them and found her. She ignored me! I said Hey Kath. Then got her attention. I told her of my new job and how I started today. I had no credit and couldn't call. Sorry to let you down. She was cold to me no longer the sexy blond cougar. Any thoughts of wanting to **** her were now eradicated. I said I've got a job and seeing his it goes. No goodbyes nor fanfares. This is how it is in my crap town when in the dole or out of work...




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