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Walking in the dark nights I picked silence,
How far it may go like a horrible sensation in my heart being load,
You left me in such conditions before leaving for almost forever,
My dreams accompany me being memories in this haunting road.

Trudging in the horrible flash lights I picked community,
How far it may go like the bundle of coals being bigger load,
You left me alone broken and dejected around such peaceful nights,
The taunts becoming end of our love accompany me in this haunting road.

Didn't you care as you said countless when we were together?
Didn't you love as the opposite said to stay forever,
Haunting road relive the last pain you left me with no gain,
These scars should recognise my world with those horrible stain.

Didn't you realise how worrysome i became at these times?
Didn't you miss me now as I thought you may do sometimes
Haunting road rememorises the loneliness i contain in your absence all along,
Don't feel happy that I am gone, these feelings will make me strong...

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