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Looking above as sun goes pass,
I want to be that ruby which it left with the horrible fight,
Though I may not win the game I was experienced earlier,
All that happened was represented nly by the cloudless night.

Watching out through the moon to show he calm,
I want to turn that ice becoming my delight,
Though I may not win the speciality that whole world recognise,
All that is gone is only represented by the cloudless night.

Want to destroy every part that aches,
Want to kill every world that laughs,
The cloudless night will give revenge or calm,
It will finally shall represent all I would do to make it pass.

Wish to demand the best who was gone,
Wish to give pain for whom it happened in my empty lively lawn,
The cloudless night shall fate the fear or fury,
It shall represent my case at last in front of that paradice's jury...

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