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That night I kept crying like I lost everything,
That night i felt dizzy like I won't owe myself anything,
Now I have to search out a world with my ow built path,
I don't care your thoughts and the life coming as an aftermath.

That night I kept telling the error I did,
That night I kept worrying about the mistakes I did,
Now I have to lead a world where I would choose my own path,
I don't care what you have to say and am ready for the aftermath.

There will be some regrets and advices as well,
Some may say being stiff and some will sink more wells,
NO matter what aftermath comes by my way in future,
I may be standing either in crater or will be ringing succession's bells.

There will be some abuses and some threats,
Some will say I am gone and some will put new bets,
I have to pass the test that belongs to my life,
No matter what the aftermath is I am ready for new chess sets...

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