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Crying on the roof top I heard someone,
Like the bats and owls taking their hunting flight,
It may be beginning of some new life beyond my vision,
But for me it is the unlovable lasting night.

Sobbbing on the entry gate I snied against someone,
Like hosts and competitor ar ready to have their plight,
It may be the beginning of chase not realist in my views,
But for me it is the end in the name of that unlovable lasting night.

Tormenting for my own loss I don't speak,
Lost in my own thoughts I leave others to sneek,
The lasting night may have the effect not easily forgetful,
It is equal to me like falling from the toppest peak.

Spying beyond my own light I not rely to joy,
Lost in my own investigations I loose track of my ploy,
The lasting night will have the pain in side me forever,
Who knows I might not be again that known chubby loving boy...

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