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"Realising the position is an easy case always whether it's humanity or nature and yet there has been no critical commitment to justify what has gone horribly wrong and how it canb be prevented! This not only mean that we are kept in the dark, But it also mean that there ar gaps in the natural balance which have to be filled with right ecological preprations and giving natural scenarios a better posture.
Considering such facts into critical measure, what is the need of the hour is that we do understand why the biodiversity is in it's virtual threat and what we can do to control the equal balance in the Biosphere or it would be too late to think and the results would be terrible. It is vital that we take advantages not only single day of celebrations, but also around the years that what can be done better to have our biodiversity, and if right decisions are taken and implemented the most valuable face, then it can prove in a better stature indeed..."-