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Sleeping in cage of laid chances,
Silenced by power of strikes and haunts,
War may crouch beneath its huge claws,
Yet when Peace is threatened, it pounced with those huge roars.

Slumbering in bars of closed memories,
Kept in check with words and taunts,
Conflict may challenge its speed and tearing jaws,
Yet when peace is threatened, no pray is left alone by those huge roars.

Not neutral in all the conditions,
Some may misjudge it to be the prime medium to fight,
Those who act at last when Peace required strikes,
They are in total awareness why such momentum brings new light.

Not convinced in all positions,
There is an abuse always when peace is discussed,
It may bring war without intention to sought judgement,
Those who realise the real peace not tempt and never get fussed...
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words are really precious and they works
nice post

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