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Recognising the old feeling pumping back,
I assure my heart not to fall,
Though we haven't talked from years back,
I feel there may be an answer to my soulful missed call.

Realising the old joy coming back,
I assured my mind not worry and gall,
Though they have been precious moment of togetherness not livid in recent past,
I still thought  to perform that old naughtiness to send you a missed call.

NO effort was made to renounce the way we followed,
NO thought was there to insult in personal account,
Missed call did remind me a sharpened thrill of years back,
Although who knows it is not there in form of heart beat on your account.

No mood had to be changed as paterns are changed,
I have no challenges to create or no world has to be found,
Missed call is just an indication that I thought of you as I still do,
Although all is empty with ashs splittered all around the ground...

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