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Every joyous day I kill my joy,
Every blissful day I drown my ploy,
This valentine again I miss your hugs and kisses,
The gift not known is the only reason I run mad being the lonely boy.

Each single day I miss those moments,
Each single day i hurt to live those moments,
This valentine again you didn't come to give your present,
The gift not known is the reason for my sorrow between these unknown presents.

NO pleasance of laughter reach my ears,
No twinkling light is visible in anybody's eyes,
The gift not known is the surface of my empty face,
No sparing thought can relive me to forgive and forget old cries.

No chance to call you back to the old blissful days,
No way I could purchase them as lifelihood has no ways,
The gift not known is the reason I remain poor amongst riches,
I sink deep as there is no end of these waves beyond my pain's bays...

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