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Not receiving my calls was a thought,
Not replying to my messages settle the plot,
This valentine I may be missing the best of gear,
Oh I can't see this lonely visible fear.

Not talking to me on the coffee shop took the matter ahead,
Not making compliments on my gifts forbade me to break the thread,
This valentine I may not be wondering how to make you cheer,
OH Can't i see this rising visible fear?

Ruined my every chance to call you back,
Even as i proceeded to shake hand i got a smack,
This all procession absorbed the visible fear I had in heart,
Though Now you have planned I can't stop you take the matters apart.

Destroyed my every hope to meet again,
I can't sit silent as whole body yearn with pain,
This whole recession burnt the visible fear in heart,
NO matters whatever I do now we have fallen apart...

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shared Nov 16, 2015 by Jackmtembete
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