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Through the brilliantly shining sun I ran back,
Through the bursting cloud I kept hiding my love's pack,
I made it possible to make it livid forever,
True this all happened as my meeting chance gone forever.

Between the bussling road I kept walking in hunger,
Between the trudging buses I kept climbing into one another,
I made it possible that my love should sustain as ever,
True this all happened when you left and my meeting chance gone forever.

I counted the presents I had from you in Valentine,
I counted the slaps I had from you when you were not coming to dine,
Meeting chance gone forever so both are not possible,
True there is a gap that's why we are separated even being able.

I counted the hand shakes and huggs happened in past,
I counted the blessings as I went for my missions running fast,
Meeting chance gone forever so they are gone as well,
NO matter whatever be my condition, I wish you luck to stay well...

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