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Tell me why they always run away
Will anyone ever listen and stay?
I know i look gross and scary
With all my scars and their given stains
Wonder why I am something that you are ought to be afraid
These deformed nose and eyes, am I  disgusting in everyway?
That's why , Everyday goes by planning suicides
 God,what fate did you write? Such hate in their eyes?
Always believed in you, right? Then why you turned out to be my scariest lie?
Why you punish innocents, you will never answered me why.
You might wonder what's wrong with my face and why this broken grin
Well, that's what you're left with when acid burns all your skin
It's a  price that I payed for saying no to that filthy affection
Who preferred to do this to me for my stubborn rejection
I wonder do I really deserve this impression?
A life of disgust, left alone for undeserved redemption.
With all I could have been,  I am left being a doubt or a question
The police,media and the jury making money on my condition  
Tell me, should I be sorry for hurting that man's ego.
It must have hurted him as much he hurted me , no?
Tell me, would even he make me his if the devil asks him to?
Or was I just another weak target for a coward like you?
I can keep a beautiful heart, but the other one  I lost long ago
My dimples and smile,cannot see them for a while anymore?
I miss how my mom used to force me to oil up my hair
And those little grandma's secret she had for  my skincare
All the bangles dad brought not one color spared
All the pretty bindis they bought me, I still crave to wear
Funny how she applied kajal on me saying "nazar na lagge"  
I desperately wait for their visit now in my rehabilitation every month for a day
With all the ghosts in this world, now I am afraid to be lonely
And the fear will stay real is what this society taught me coldly
I was weak, I was feeble, I was wortless of a kind
But expected to be none of them because I had to remind  
you all to stand up for me and thousands more of my type
Who are fighting this battle for like all of their life
I see my sisters and mothers raped, molested and attacked by these predators.
And some who are left alive like me to be their story narrator.
Will we ever be avenged or will we too die trying?
Will life ever mean more than just nights of crying?
Like god and the jury, will you too break our hopes in the end?
Or will you lend a hand and try to be a friend ?
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very very impressive post
a deep message post
and yes we will be your friend too
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Very good awesome

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