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Yesterday I went to my balcony
And saw two sparrows in harmonyangel
Who were in search of piece of grain
Because they don't want
To be a cricket

To save nothing in  rain indecision

Holding the piece in their beak
And effort to divide it in two
Went in vain
Starting quarrelling to give other
A bigger bite
As told by their mother
That love needs sacrificeheartheartheart
Lending a beautiful sight
That human must see
Unity matter everywhereyes
Even for making honey by bee
Say no to discrimination
To make in world distinction
Have u heard of farmers son?
Breaking the bundle?
Union in strength
Even in hurdles
You are asked to hold Allah's rope
With an unshakeable hopesmiley


(Muneeb Tahir Saleemi)yesheart

poetry competition yoalfaaz

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Nice post
Keep going like this

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