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We not cry but weep ,

We dont like but sleep ,

They are on eve of death and life

We have nothing to do but see their plight .

 Mother is pretending grief with smile ,

She is waiting the returning of her life ,

With dreams of happy day , restoring of peace

Encourage her children to join the move .

 When I saw their demolished homes ,

Tearful faces , body full of wounds ,

Against the equipped enemy they dont rescue

Every where in the site , destructive sounds .

In comparision ,you live like a king

But you are just a puppet on a string,

And whistle we are indulged in frivolous pursuits ,

Right now , there is a soldier who is ready to shoot .

Somewhere within , there is a message of hope ,

But I beseech God for the strength to cope ,

With the guilt I bear of the little that I do ,

But in my heart of hearts , I'm Muslim through and through .

As we live a few thousand miles away ,

The truth remains that we live worlds away .

We forget the lesson , to be part of their body and soul

We do not feel their pain ,have forgotten our goal .

What will you say , what will you do, unable to walk,

Head down in shame , lips sealed ,but your limbs will talk .

Open your eyes , wake up ,live their sorrow ,

Be patient little one ,this will all be over tomorrow .

I feel ,they come knocking on uor doors ,

With their eyes seeking answers ,our eyes hit the floor ,

Looks at the coward , asking what to do and what you say

We feel their pains , love beneath the heart , but just pray .

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