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●Crowded streets, widened roads,
Spacious villas, and congested abodes.
Some live together, some live alone,
Yet one heart each, all of them own.

●Clap this way or that, high five or low,
But that one "funny" clap, you'll always know.
Laugh away, you may chuckle, go on,
But laugh with one, not at one, it's wrong.

●You buy your cameo and gowns, a name you wear,
You bought it from the rich, yes, from there.
And yet that fixed price is fine, but not the one,
From a fruit stall you bargain at, all offers you shun.

●How is it alright, to teach another right from wrong,
When you go and break a queue that is too long?
You pray five times a day, but fail to be sincere,
You lose your temper, can't show that you care.

●Big eyes , small nose , pouty lips and  pale skin,
You have all your standards clearly scribbled in.
How easy it is, to flaw someone out,
To critic on perfection, you know nothing about.

●We all are different , damaged, flawed, yet unique,
But we all heal, smile and laugh, we have memories we keep.
Let's spread the love, and unite with open arms,
Let's come together and be: PAKISTAN.
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All these things are here in India as well. Every line of yours reminded me of what happens here. Very well penned... :)
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I am representative of Pakistan  on yoalfaaz
Nice to meet you
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I'm also from PAKISTAN .
Good to have u ☺

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