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I was aware of the fact
when I was a kid;
Santa never kept the gifts,
but it was my father who did.

Could see Santas all around,
some were fat and some were tall;
Some in the Christmas parties
and some at the mall.

Knowing they had costumes on
was just no fun;
All offered me gifts,
but my Santa was none.

I waited near the window,
gazing at the stars;
in a hope for a gift,
much valuable than RC cars.

I screamed his name,
nobody did hear;
made my mind up, thinking,
"Ummm, probably next year!" But once in my dreams,
Santa showed up with a shine;
the long wait was over
and the perfect present was mine.

He assured me,
forever, it'll make me smile;
I wanted to thank him
but he disappeared in a while.

The angels from above,
came down and clapped;
as if everyone was waiting
for the box to be unwrapped.

Opened the box and
my best dream ever, came true;
my Perfect Christmas Present was nothing,
nothing, but You...


(Adesh Rohan Mishra)
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Loved it! :)
commented ago by
very nice poem and congratulations on being 2nd runner-up for the competition :)
commented ago by
Thanks a lot :)
commented ago by
Congratulation adesh :)

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