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For the journey,
yond started long back;
All I had was this love. 'twas pure,
untouched and unseen
by the contaminat'd sense,
which this w'rld cherished.

Unaware of it's own existence,
it expanded,
more, much more than
I could have sustained.

and then, mine own
worst nightmare cameth true;
this divine love spilled,
t spill'd out of the container,
A container called me.

All I thought was,
the dirt from outside shall
contaminate this pure form.

But to mine own astonishment,
the love which I was filled with,
was actually Radioactive
And all it radiated;
was happiness and valorous vibes.

Though, now I am running out of
this precious substance called love,
t creates nay difference.

Coz the love which went away to
Someone else;
t came back and filled
me again with,
a sense of deep satisfaction.

Love never dies.
At each moment, it remains,
in words, expressions and actions.
And if not found,
it'll always be there in YOU.

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