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I was a boy of nine
having just that li'l Pen of mine;
'twas my very best friend though,
I always thought it was the only one
who'd ne'er, never let me go.

And one day, nowhere could I find,
Not just a pen, but a piece of my mind.
Oh! I was down, down with dolor
Lost all my flamboyance,
Lacking even a single color.

With time, old memories faded away,
thought, pure human love would be
a much, much better way;
Paving my own dream lane,
Beautiful, was everything around then.

Li'l did I know, I was tip toeing
on the edge of a knife;
Slowly, became aware that,
At times, folks walk away from life.

In the end, I stood alone
With everyone else gone,
Ah! I really needed some-,
Someone to be there by my side
Something for those wounds to hide.

Broken down deep inside,
waited for the light to guide;
It led me to a pen,
which used to be my life then.

Ne'er were those wounds completely healed,
Vanished are all those sweet birds;
and with the pen I started,
Started Bleeding Out Words..

From a boy of nine, I turned into word$lash

(Adesh Rohan Mishra)

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